CYO Witham

Peter’s Vale, Twinstead

Introducing our Schools Department!

We have always put young people first in all we do and we have seen a lot of changes in the 42 years we have been part of Witham's life. This year sees us open a new chapter in BB's life.

We started the year by merging with CYO Witham (Christian Youth Outreach). This group that have been working within witham schools since 1996; leading assemblies, running Star Clubs (Lunchtime activity clubs in primary schools), coordinating lesson activities and helping with the BIG Step (the transition from primary to secondary education). CYO Witham is now our schools department. This was and is a fantastic step forwards for us to be able to better interact with the young people of beyond our normal weekly evening meetings. Having CYO as our schools department has also been helping to increase the young people's awareness of not only us but to all the projects available to them throughout the year as well as becoming aware of what faith is and what their personal faith is an incredibly important aspect in life!

In schools
CYO Witham and Witham BB

We believe that a good, holistic education is vital to help and encourage young people to become valuable members of their community as well as to better themselves personally. It equips young people to achieve their full potential whilst at the same time enabling them to contribute positively to society.
The schools of Witham have the invaluable role of supporting the spiritual and moral development of their students on top of the academic side of their lives teaching them the skills they will need in their futures and to prepare them for the world. Each month CYO works with young people with or without faiths by contributing to one of the most important times in a young persons life!