Peter’s Vale, Twinstead

At Witham BB, we’re very heavily into conservation – we have land at Peter’s Vale, Twinstead – totalling 18 acres – 11 acres of woodland and 7 acres of grassland as well as a one acre man-made lake. During the late spring and summer months we take our boys to the land at Twinstead and with the help of the BTCV we teach them how to develop, maintain and make it inhabitable to wildlife.

Other groups also use the land project for training courses, such as hedge laying and coppicing. Recently we have completed our first compostable toilet, built in the style of a tree bog, using Willow planted from our own forest area !

Twinstead has had a total revamp in the last year. We recently installed a kitchen unit and low ropes course! 
Over the next year we are looking to get running water at the land.

If you are interested in using Twinstead please contact