101 Things Before You're 12


We often complain that children need to get out more and stop playing on their computers or on their mobiles. We reflect on a past time when things were different. This initative gives the community of Witham the chance to suggest what they think a child by the time they reach 12 should have had the opportunity to experience. Turning a negative into a positive interaction and investment in the next generation.

Here are just a few of the 101 Things To Do Before You Are 12

  •    Learn about your family history
  •       Catch a fish
  •       Make ice cream from scratch
  •    Cook or help your parents cook a roast dinner
  •       Make a short video
  •      Three questions you’d ask someone famous when you meet them
  •        Create an automatic way to water a houseplant
  •    Draw a picture of a piece of art in a museum
        You will win prizes after completing a certain number before you are 12
  •         10 Things = Chocolate Coins
  •         25 Things = Folder
  •         40 Things = A fun bible
  •         50 Things = Medal
  •         70 Things = A voucher for an experience of your choice
  •         90 Things = A number of BB Related gifts
  •         101 Things = You can redeem your experience given at 70 Things

      You can download the full list with the 101 things to do, by clicking HERE or by going to the downloads section on the home page
      If you would like any more information about 101 Things Before You Are 12 please contact Chris: chris@2withamboys-brigade.org.uk