New Skills PC building project for a Friday in September - update 18th. August 2018

Ethan Keys writes - We are currently planning a ‘PC Building’ Skills Night, for Friday members, where you will get the opportunity to learn about the components of a gaming computer, and build one themselves using all new parts.
Members will learn all about components such as the motherboard, graphics card, processor, ram, hard drives, ssds, and power supplies, as well as learning about where the different cables go to connect everything. We also plan to go through installing Windows, and setting that up on a completely blank computer. ( Ethan will be running this course with support from John)
Due to the complexity of the course, and the fact that we would like everyone involved as much as possible in the build, the spaces will be limited, however if we have positive feedback, we will maybe make it a more recurring event. If you are interested in being involved in the first build, please contact John or call the office and leave a message, or e mail us.
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