Conker Challenge!

It crossed our mind the other day that because the ‘Health and Safety lot’ won’t let us beat each other with conkers anymore, we should do something else with them!

Witham BB would like to invite you to take part in what may be the longest running challenge we ever undertake… To grow a Horse Chestnut Tree.

We’ve bought pots & compost, so if you’d like to take part all you have to do is f ind a conker (or as many as you’d like!) and follow these steps below.

How to grow your Horse Chestnut trees

1.       Place your conkers in a container of water, discard the ones that float these have dried out.

2.       Using only the conkers that sink, plant them about 2cm deep individually in pots of soil/compost, between now and the end of November.

3.       Water well and place in a sheltered spot outside.

4.       Protect the pots from predators i.e squirrels, mice etc. And from hard frosts, a cold frame is ideal, keep checking them to see if they need watering, but don’t overwater.

5.       The conkers will need to go through a period of cold temperatures to encourage them to germinate in the spring.

6.       Keep your young trees watered and re-pot as they grow bigger.

7.       Ask the landowners permission before you plant your new trees into the big wide world, they can grow very large.

At At Anchors and Juniors you will plant the conkers on the evening. Therefore you will need to go out and find as many conkers as you would like to plant and bring them along. At Company Section you will be given the pots and compost and you will have to plant the conkers yourself.

In Spring you will be invited to bring your tree to a BB evening and we will judge for a winner. From there, once mature enough, we will plant the trees out our land in Twinstead, where you can monitor their growth for as long as you wish!

Have fun and we cannot wait to see your trees!

Witham BB

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