First Meeting

America 2019!

Our first group meeting with parents will be Tuesday 28th November 2017 19:00 at the Hub in the Newlands Precinct. This informational meeting will be the beginning of what you need to know and do to prepare for the trip. This will be the last opportunity to join the trip as fundraising and group activities will commence.

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Powerboat Undergoing Repairs

Blue Whisper is currently being cleaned and fixed in preparation for next year's day trips, more info on this nearer the time. We are also working to secure the funds to repair the powerboat trailer after the brakes became seized. They were fixed in order to get Blue Whisper out the water but will still need replacing, for a more permanent fix! Currently, we are purchasing more equipment, such as lifejackets, coats, and waterproof trousers, also ready for next year.

Ethan Keys

Juniors change of programme Wednesday November 22nd.

Juniors change of programme for Wednesday November 22nd. We now have Professor Kaos, a weird science expert coming to do experiments with the Juniors in molecular bonding - or in other words why and how chemicals go bang !!

Chris Norman from BB UK will join us also. 

You are most welcome to bring family members on the night, but be careful with younger children because of potential noise !!
We start at 6.15pm and finish at 7.45pm. refreshments will be served too.
Thanks John

Witham Industrial Watch Donation 9th. November 2017

We acknowledge gratefully this morning, a donation from Witham Industrial Watch, of £100 toward our programme of 101 things to do before you are 12 years of age. It is really great to have support from businesses in the community where we live and operate. Thanks, John

Tesco Bags of Help - updated 9th.November 2017

Hi everyone, we have been shortlisted for an award by Tesco Bags of Help, along with two other groups in Witham. From Friday 1st. September to Tuesday 31st. October, voting will take place in Witham Tesco's. You can vote each time you shop. Please let everyone know, because if we win, it will be a donation of £4000 ! 
Keep an eye out here for further updates, as we receive them. Get voting in September and October please and thanks.   John
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The Duke of Edinburgh's Award Scheme in Witham BB

Hi everyone. We are looking to re - establish The Duke of Edinburgh's Award Scheme in Witham BB, with the help of Luke Freeman.

You will need to be 14 years and upward to take part. The Award consists of the following :

Volunteering (helping people in the community)
• Skills (covering almost any interest, hobby or skill)
• Physical (sport, dance and fitness)
• Expeditions (planning and completing a journey on foot, horseback, bike or boat)

The BB UK is a registered D of E authority, so we should be fine.

More details soon, but in the meantime if you are interested, please let me know thanks John

Support us through the Co-Op Local Community Fund - Updated 9th. November 2017

Hi everyone - if you shop at the local Co-op you can support us, through the Co-op Local Community Fund. Please see the following page online and sign up for us please ,when you shop :

Thanks ! John & the team

The Co-op Local Community Fund is supporting Witham BB Restoration project. Become a member or sign in to choose a local cause to support.

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Powerboat Outings are finished now but we need help with maintenance

The outings for this summer and autumn are now over and plans are being made to repair things, maintain the engines for winter and put the boat to bed. However, we have significant problems with the trailer. It needs repairs and we need help to do this, particularly over the first three weeks of October. Please ask John for further details

Jason and Ethan are now qualified powerboat level two drivers ! Well done guys.

If you would like to learn how to drive the RIB and undertake a weekend course at Bradwell or Tollesbury, please talk to John. The costs will be covered in return for you volunteering on the boat for a few sessions, next spring, summer and autumn, by agreement and arrangement.

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Proposed visit to the USA and Canada during the summer of 2019

Letters are going out now to inform folk of our trip in the summer holidays of 2019. They are available at Juniors and Company evenings. The content of the letter is reproduced here too :

25th. April 2017

Dear Parents,

Re: Proposed visit to the USA and Canada during the summer holidays of 2019

Being able to visit foreign countries is always an exciting adventure, but to do with the help of friends in both countries, experiencing their culture and how they do things, is simply unique! The group in 2015, actually saw around Chicago city on segways ! Niagara Falls is always stunning, but from a helicopter, even better !

As on previous visits, we usually spend about three weeks, in July and August visiting :

Chicago city, Toronto city and Niagara Falls in Canada. Stay with host families through the Neenah Wisconsin Brigade and attend a week long camp on an island called Onaway, set in a chain of 28 lakes, in northern Wisconsin. Jason our current USA staff member comes from this group and area.

This trip is open to all BB staff and members to apply for a place, who will be 13 years and over by the summer of 2019 !

It is always hard to predict costs, but these will include all travel by air and road, camp costs, and costs associated with staying in the two cities and visiting tourist sites like the Falls, towers and other places of interest. Likely to be in the region of £1500 - £2000 plus spending money.

If you are interested in allowing your son / daughter to go, please let me know by e mail, the  address is above. We will then call a meeting of those interested in knowing more, and this will include a couple of folk who went on the last trip, talking about their experiences. We will also ask Jason to join us for this meeting. From there regular meetings will be held and fund raising too.


Yours sincerely,

John Boon

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