Conker Challenge!

It crossed our mind the other day that because the ‘Health and Safety lot’ won’t let us beat each other with conkers anymore, we should do something else with them!

Witham BB would like to invite you to take part in what may be the longest running challenge we ever undertake… To grow a Horse Chestnut Tree.

We’ve bought pots & compost, so if you’d like to take part all you have to do is f ind a conker (or as many as you’d like!) and follow these steps below.

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Online Brigade Manager

We have officially launched Online Brigade Manager and from now on this is where all of the information for Witham BB will be found. Read more…

New Skills PC building project for a Friday in September - update 18th. August 2018

Ethan Keys writes - We are currently planning a ‘PC Building’ Skills Night, for Friday members, where you will get the opportunity to learn about the components of a gaming computer, and build one themselves using all new parts.
Members will learn all about components such as the motherboard, graphics card, processor, ram, hard drives, ssds, and power supplies, as well as learning about where the different cables go to connect everything. We also plan to go through installing Windows, and setting that up on a completely blank computer. ( Ethan will be running this course with support from John)
Due to the complexity of the course, and the fact that we would like everyone involved as much as possible in the build, the spaces will be limited, however if we have positive feedback, we will maybe make it a more recurring event. If you are interested in being involved in the first build, please contact John or call the office and leave a message, or e mail us.
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" HELP BUILD OUR BUS"! Update 18th. August 2018

Would you like to have your very own name on a seatbelt? Would you like to own a part of our minibus? We would like you to help 'Build our Bus'!

Last year we were offered a minibus to purchase at a very competitive price and since then, members of the trustee board have been working to secure the funds to make this purchase. The minibus is a Renault Traffic, 16 seater and EVEN better... It is already branded with the Boys' Brigade Logo.

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Powerboat Updates and booking information as at 18th. August

Blue Whisper has been cleaned, electrics fixed, GPS and VHF reinstalled and tested, fuel filter changed and the main engine has been checked and running well.  We are having a busy summer with more bookings than at any other time ! May was almost fully taken up, June is fully booked and 1st. July.  Read more…

The Co-Op Local Community Fund - Updated 22nd.. November 2017 £995.17p.

Hi everyone - if you shop at the local Co-op you can support us, through the Co-op Local Community Fund. Please see the following page online and sign up for us please ,when you shop :

Thanks ! John & the team

The Co-op Local Community Fund is supporting Witham BB Restoration project. Become a member or sign in to choose a local cause to support.

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Proposed visit to the USA and Canada during the summer of 2019

Letters are going out now to inform folk of our trip in the summer holidays of 2019. They are available at Juniors and Company evenings. The content of the letter is reproduced here too :

25th. April 2017

Dear Parents,

Re: Proposed visit to the USA and Canada during the summer holidays of 2019

Being able to visit foreign countries is always an exciting adventure, but to do with the help of friends in both countries, experiencing their culture and how they do things, is simply unique! The group in 2015, actually saw around Chicago city on segways ! Niagara Falls is always stunning, but from a helicopter, even better !

As on previous visits, we usually spend about three weeks, in July and August visiting :

Chicago city, Toronto city and Niagara Falls in Canada. Stay with host families through the Neenah Wisconsin Brigade and attend a week long camp on an island called Onaway, set in a chain of 28 lakes, in northern Wisconsin. Jason our current USA staff member comes from this group and area.

This trip is open to all BB staff and members to apply for a place, who will be 13 years and over by the summer of 2019 !

It is always hard to predict costs, but these will include all travel by air and road, camp costs, and costs associated with staying in the two cities and visiting tourist sites like the Falls, towers and other places of interest. Likely to be in the region of £1500 - £2000 plus spending money.

If you are interested in allowing your son / daughter to go, please let me know by e mail, the  address is above. We will then call a meeting of those interested in knowing more, and this will include a couple of folk who went on the last trip, talking about their experiences. We will also ask Jason to join us for this meeting. From there regular meetings will be held and fund raising too.


Yours sincerely,

John Boon

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Online Brigade Manager (OBM)

This year, we are launching a new online system called Online Brigade Manager. This will help with general administration, record keeping and communication. It allows you to login details about your child, access events, view the upcoming programme and update contact details online.

We will be sending an email out with a link to the OBM system so please keep an eye out for it (it may appear in your spam).

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