The costs for purchasing the minibus are as follows:

Purchase Price: £3500.00 Insurance: £750.00
Maintenance for 1 year: £500.00 (estimate)
Road Tax and S11 Permit: £300.00 (approx)

To date we have been successful in raising £3500 towards the purchase and running costs through the charitable grant applications, but this leaves us with a short fall of £1440.00 and this is where we need your help......

We've broken down the minibus into component parts and We would like you to help 'Build our Bus'!

We've priced some we've priced some high priority components for larger donations and some low priority components for smaller donations. Whatever you can afford to give, we have an item to suit your budget! For Example...... (first to pay, first to pick on seats/seat belts, etc,)

Commemorated Running Costs: Named Parts: Sponsorship's: Total Funding: Status:

** get a certificate & photo (£5+)

1 tank of Fuel (80l) £100 Branding 1 @ £3,500 £3,500 SOLD

Tyres (each) £75 Drivers Seat 1 @ BID ? Who Knows? @ AUCTION

Full Brake Job £50 1 bid in @ £40... so far!)

Oil Change (each) £35 Steering Wheel 1 @ 90 £90 0/1 Sold

Valeting (each)         £20 Wheels 4 @ £75 £300 0/4 Sold

Brake Pads (each) £10 Accelerator 1 @ 60 £60 SOLD

J.Boon Hoover (each)         £5 Fuel Filler Cap 1@ £50 £50 0/1 Sold

Litre of Fuel (each) £1.25 Seatbelts 15 @ £35       £525 1/15 Sold

Mileage (drive a mile) £1 Seatbelts 16 @ £15 £240 1/16 Sold

Air Freshener   £0.50 ------------------

       Total 40 Parts £3,650 / £4,805 Raised

For your donation you will receive a certificate of ownership and a picture of the part(s) you purchased as our way of thanking you. "named parts" will have a plaqure or item attached with your name on it (i.e "John Smith" on the back seat)

To make a donation and choose the part you'd like to buy please contact Jason or Keith. This is open to BB families first, remaining items will be offered to the community for sponsorship - SO GET YOUR CONTRIBUTION IN EARLY!!

As a group the trustees, would like to thank you for your ongoing support and we look forward to this exciting new chapter in Witham BB.

Jason: 01376 520400 jason@2withamboys-brigade.org.uk
Keith: 07966 906028 keith@2withamboys-brigade.org.uk